Rebecca Solnit – Ten years ago collected…

From writer Rebecca Solnit: “Ten years ago collected thousands of offers to house the evacuees from Katrina. Here are some I collected.”


Such beautiful kindness and generosity for one’s fellow human beings in these posts…Here are a few to give you a taste (click the link above to read more).

Housing for 2 people in Livonia, MI
Room available on second floor in a fairly large home with 2 1/2 baths and a basement located in Suburban Detroit neighborhood. Full house priviledges included with use of phone after 7:00PM weekdays and weekends. Intent is to help one “get back on their feet”. I am a single divorced father with a 14 year old daughter that stays with me much of the time. We have two small dogs. God bless you. I will keep you in my prayers. Despite this terrible tragedy and finger pointing, remember that God is control and He will never leave you or forsake you. Keep your faith as Job had done.


Housing for 2 people in Dearborn, MI
We have a 850 ft2 house in a desirable middle-class neighborhood with one bedroom that we are preparing to sell. It is not furnished at this time but we believe that enough furniture and clothing can be obtained within a few days for a family of two with one child. We will donate the use of the house, food etc. and host a family for about a year to help them become self sufficient. The family must be in reasonably good health, self reliant and have a history of being self sufficient. The offer is extended without regard to race or creed. We will assist the family with transportation to Dearborn, Michigan.


LGBT and looking to start over in San Francisco? We would be honored to house an LGBT person/couple for a few months. We can pay your way out here on Greyhound or Amtrak, if you need. Space available immediately. We don’t expect anything in return– just the chance to help. (If you happen to be one of those folks who don’t want “hand-outs”, we can arrange a barter/swap thing for a few hours of cooking or helping around the house each week. But we would be happy to help without this in return!) Sadly, our flat isn’t wheelchair accessible (there are a flight of stairs), and we can’t offer space for your pets (but we have 2 kitties you can hang out with). Please be nonsmoker(s), and vegetarian or willing not to cook meat in the house. About us: We’re bisexual pagan women in our 30’s who work at SF nonprofits. We’ve been together for 7+ years, and were couple #326 to get married last Feb. at City Hall.



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