4 Ways to Push Back Against Your Privilege – BGD

I am sharing this because the Cultural Competency class ends with a panel on privilege, privilege awareness, and some examples of how to use our privilege(s) constructively, for good, for social justice.

As an educator who believes in calling people in rather than calling them out, I sometimes hesitate to share articles that have a calling-out vibe/tone (see #3 in this article). At the same time, the message is worth sharing, and I also want to avoid tone-policing because as a relatively light skinned, “ambiguously ethnic” immigrant, I have many privileges. Perhaps had I spent a lifetime rather than half a lifetime in this country as a darker skinned person, I would be more curt in my tone, too, especially if I were a writer for an online journal and not a high school teacher.


Read on and let me know what you think in the comments section if you feel so moved. Oh, and this isn’t just for white folks; it’s also for anyone in dominant groups in terms of socioeconomic status, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, nationality/citizenship, age, ability/able bodiedness, religion,…etc.



4 Ways to Push Back Against Your Privilege – BGD



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