Seven Native American Films for High School Teachers | Teaching Tolerance



Discoveries in a recent report from the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education include serious problems for Native students, such as bullying, hostility when reporting culturally insensitive situations, Native imagery that harms students’ identities, and anxiety over misrepresentation in classroom lessons. One of the initiative’s recommendations is to “promote cultural awareness,” specifically to “promote the accurate instruction of Native American history and culture.”

A dynamic way to incorporate accurate instruction and promote cultural awareness of contemporary Native American experiences is through film. Incorporating a film into the classroom also acts as a multimodal entrée into a deeper conversation about representations of Native peoples in today’s social media, advertising, news and entertainment.

I recommend for high school teachers the following films that feature Native directors, actors, writers and storylines or histories…


Read on and see the list here: Seven Native American Films for High School Teachers | Teaching Tolerance


I recommend reading the White House Initiative: click here. 


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