Portfolio Activity for “Straight Talk About the N-word” | Teaching Tolerance

I’ve had a discussion about how to talk about the “N-word” with a couple of teachers, so I thought I’d share this resource, which is a 9th-12th grade lesson plan that could be modified/adopted for various subjects.

• Portfolio Activity for “Straight Talk About the N-word” | Teaching Tolerance

And here is Straight Talk about the N-Word.

There’s also a list of resources at the end of the lesson plan document, such as these two readings:

The Pledge: Never use the n-word again

Mommy, What Does “Nigger” Mean? by Gloria Naylor (I’ve used this in classes before and recommend it.)

I have the book Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word by Randall Kennedy in my office if anyone would like to borrow it. I will put a copy in the library soon, too.

I have other resources and am happy to talk more in person if you’d like to discuss various approaches.


And finally, a wonderful resource for having difficult conversations from Teaching Tolerance:

Let’s Talk! Discussing Race, Racism, and Other Difficult Topics with Students




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