Frederick Douglass: ‘A Women’s Rights Man’ – The Atlantic

Happy Black History Month! 

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Did you know that Frederick Douglass advocated for intersectional feminism long before the word “intersectionality” existed in civil rights/social justice conversations? He was the only African American at the Seneca Falls Convention and argued that ‘Right is of no sex” and that woman is “justly entitled to all we claim for man.” (Not surprisingly, “white feminism” also existed in his time.)

“I would give woman a vote, give her a motive to qualify herself to vote, precisely as I insisted upon giving the colored man the right to vote; in order that she shall have the same motives for making herself a useful citizen as those in force in the case of other citizens. In a word, I have never yet been able to find one consideration, one argument, or suggestion in favor of man’s right to participate in civil government which did not equally apply to the right of woman.” — Frederick Douglass



Source: article by Ta-Nehisi Coates (from 2011) — Frederick Douglass: ‘A Women’s Rights Man’ – The Atlantic

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