Black Lives Matter

• I would lovelovelove for BSU members to share their own stories in response to this project if not contribute to the project: IN A WORLD WHERE BLACK LIVES MATTER, I IMAGINE…

• 9 talks to help you understand racism in America  For black Americans, the far-reaching effects of racism are felt daily. From passionate pleas for reform to poetic turns of phrase, these speakers take an honest look at everyday realities and illuminate the way forward.

Black Lives Matter mixtape! SO. GOOD. I’d add “Hell You Talmbout” by Janelle Monáe (and Wondaland) to this. Video of a recent performance here.

A Herstory of the #BlackLivesMatter movement by Alicia Garza

• Part 1 of Joy DeGruy’s talk on Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome — definition of racism, stereotypes, colorblind ideology, cultural differences and cultural values embedded in greetings…

• Part 2 here — Cognitive dissonance, erasure of a people’s history, victory vs. massacre, words we use, post traumatic stress disorder, psychology, erasure of spirituality,

• Part 3 here. “We gotta be careful about what we call cultural”; Imhotep vs. Hippocrates; “We have a collective injury”; connections to the criminal justice system.

• Part 4 here. Jane Elliott’s Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes experiment. Internalized dominance, internalized oppression/self-hatred. “We have to take not only ownership of ourselves, but ownership of our communities.” “We created our own names…” The emasculation of the black man, the soiling of the black woman.

• Slow Poison by Ezekiel Kweku — Even if the police don’t kill me, a lifetime of preparing for them to just might.

Kalief Browder, 1993–2015 by Jennifer Gonnerman


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