Structural Racism Timeline – ERASE Racism

Structural racism involves the cumulative and compounding effects of an array of societal factors including the history, culture, ideology, and interactions of institutions and policies that systematically privilege white people and disadvantage people of color. See a timeline here: Structural Racism Timeline – ERASE Racism

Are you Non- or Anti-? (video)

Most of us, says Marlon James, are non-racist. While that leaves us with a clear conscience, he argues, it does nothing to help fight injustice in the world. 


I like this video for its greater focus on day-to-day action and day-to-day accountability compared to the Stephen Colbert/DeRay McKesson video I posted last week.


Source: Are you racist? ‘No’ isn’t a good enough answer – video | Opinion | The Guardian

To the White Parents of my Black Son’s Friends 

First paragraph:

“I’ve been wrestling with talking to you about some things I think you need to know. I’ve wrestled with it because I feel my own sense of shame– shame that I didn’t know or understand these issues before they touched my family. I’ve felt fear that you’ll respond in subtle ways that make it clear you aren’t safe for my child. I’ve been concerned that you won’t believe me and then I’ll feel more angry than if I hadn’t said anything. But my son is getting older and as he transitions from an adorable black boy to a strong black man, I know the assumptions about him will change. And I need your help in keeping him safe.”

Read the rest here: To the White Parents of my Black Son’s Friends | A Musing Maralee

Ferguson Announces an Amnesty on Warrants – The New York Times

A tiny bit of good news from Ferguson:

“The City of Ferguson, Mo., announced Monday that it was withdrawing thousands of arrest warrants for municipal violations and taking steps to prevent the incarceration of people who cannot pay fines and fees, a response to the sharp criticism of its court system that emerged after the killing of Michael Brown last year.”

Read more here: Ferguson Announces an Amnesty on Warrants – The New York Times