Brain-Based Learning Strategies

Brain-based education is actually a “no-brainer.” Here’s a simple, but essential premise: the brain is intimately involved in, and connected with, everything educators and students do at school. Any disconnect is a recipe for frustration and potentially disaster. Brain-based education is best understood in three words: engagement, strategies and principles. You must engage your learners and do it with strategies that are based on real science. (I’m a big fan of cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology and other mind/brain sciences).

What is brain-based education? It’s simple: it’s the engagement of strategies based on how our brain works.

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Back-to-School Night: A New Approach | Edutopia

Back-to-school night can be a time to shine light on the importance of social-emotional learning — at both home and school.

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The Science of Classroom Design 

5 Research-Based Best Practices for Brain-Friendly Learning Environments


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