Claudia Rankine — How Can I Say This So We Can Stay in This Car Together?

Writer Claudia Rankine says every conversation about race doesn’t need to be about racism — but she says we all need to find a way to talk about it.

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I’m Jewish, and I’m white – Real Talk: WOC & Allies – Medium

Several days ago, white supremacist neo-Nazis marched in Charlottesville, distributing anti-Semitic material and chanting anti-Semitic slogans. Now suddenly, everyone knows something that many of us have known for a long time already: People in this country still hate Jews.

One result of these occurrences has been a flurry of think pieces by light-skinned Jews of European origin. These writers argue that Jews like themselves (and me) aren’t white, are only sort of white, or should stop thinking of ourselves as white.

Personally, Charlottesville didn’t change how much I think of myself as white. If anything, it only strengthened my reasons for identifying that way.

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Seeing White

Just what is going on with white people? Police shootings of unarmed African Americans. Acts of domestic terrorism by white supremacists. The renewed embrace of raw, undisguised white-identity politics. Unending racial inequity in schools, housing, criminal justice, and hiring. Some of this feels new, but in truth it’s an old story.

Why? Where did the notion of “whiteness” come from? What does it mean? What is whiteness for?

Scene on Radio host and producer John Biewen took a deep dive into these questions, along with an array of leading scholars and regular guest Dr. Chenjerai Kumanyika, in this fourteen-part documentary series, released between February and August 2017. The series editor is Loretta Williams.

Source: Seeing White

White Supremacy Culture

“This is a list of characteristics of white supremacy culture which show up in our organizations. Culture is powerful precisely because it is so present and at the same time so very difficult to name or identify. The characteristics listed below are damaging because they are used as norms and standards without being pro-actively named or chosen by the group. They are damaging because they promote white supremacy thinking. They are damaging to both people of color and to white people. Organizations that are people of color led or a majority people of color can also demonstrate many damaging characteristics of white supremacy culture.”

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